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Invisalign© in Great Falls

Invisalign Aligner

We now offer Invisalign© in Great Falls. Whether you need a simple fix or a more complex shift, Invisalign© can help you achieve the smile you want. Invisalign© is the world’s most advanced clear aligner. We provide the newest dental technology with a digital 3D scan, where you are able to view your new smile in minutes. Call us today to help you achieve your best smile! We are proud to be a leading dental care provider in Great Falls.

How Does Invisalign© Work?

Make an appointment with Glacier Family Dental to create a custom plan for your smile.

We provide a digital 3D scan (no goopy impression material anymore!), so you can preview your new smile in minutes. Our doctor provides a custom treatment plan with custom clear aligners just for you!

Come in to our office and pick up your first aligner. Dr. Heap will work with you through the whole process. Love your new smile!

Why Choose Invisalign© Over Other Straightening Methods?

We love Invisalign© and know you will too! Braces are permanent and made of metal brackets and wires. Invisalign© is easily removed for eating and drinking, and virtually invisible. No more worrying about broken wires or brackets, which lead to emergency visits or pain. Each aligner is custom made and trimmed based on each patient’s gum line. This ensures greater comfort and appearance.


Benefits of Invisalign©

  • Fewer Food Restrictions: No need to worry about eating hard of sticky food, just remove the aligners before eating and then replace after your meal.
  • Invisibility: No need to be embarrassed about wearing metal braces, Invisalign© aligners are virtually invisible. Get the smile you want without putting your life on hold.
  • Easy Care: No need to worry about tricky cleaning around your orthodontic wear. Just take out your aligner, brush me and replace the aligners in your mouth.
  • Live Your Life: No need to experience interruptions in doing the things you love. You can play sports or a musical instrument without the physical discomfort (or risk of injury), accompanied with braces.

Call us today for your free Invisalign© consultation and 3D scan!

Love Your New Smile.

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