Cone-Beam Computed Technology in Great Falls

At Glacier Family Dental, it is extremely important that our patients are provided with the best dental technology available. We are one of the first dentists in Great Falls with a Cone-Beam Computed Technology (CBCT). We believe a CBCT is a key part of the diagnostic process.

CBCT is a special type of x-ray equipment that provides a 3-D image of your teeth, nerve pathways, soft tissues and bone in a single scan. This allows your dentist in Great Falls to capture a comprehensive baseline record and to virtually plan a variety of dental treatments. CBCT imaging provides a significant improvement in the ability to diagnose conditions that have not been observable using traditional two-dimensional radiographs.

Overall Benefits

  1. Enhanced planning:
    Your Great Falls dentist, Dr. Heap, is able to use the expansive CBCT data to better plan your dental treatment.
  2. New or different treatment planning:
    CBCT data is able to provide patients with various options- including implants or less invasive procedures for impacted teeth.
  3. Endodontic (root canal) procedures:
    CBCT imaging is very valuable when managing complex endodontic cases. It helps to assess failures and search for missed canals.
  4. Wow Factor:
    Our patients are amazed when presented with a three-dimensional image of themselves and to learn about the vast amount of data available in just one scan.
  5. More Confident Diagnosing:
    Your dentist is able to capture a complete picture of your bone, soft tissue, nerves and teeth. This helps to ensure the best treatment options for each patient.

Some benefits of CBCT scans for dental implants include:

  • With the use of the CBCT scan, Dr. Heap is able to measure and localize the available jawbone. This makes it possible to do a virtual implant placement with accuracy and precision.
  • With the use of an optical and CBCT scan, Dr. Heap can create a complete virtual model of a patients bones, teeth and even soft tissue! This helps to ensure the proper bite.
  • With the use of the CBCT scan, Dr. Heap can view the sensory nerve and maxillary sinus. He can then select the right size and length of the implant.

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